Parents and teachers around the world echo the universal command for children to “sit up straight!” Yet practicing good posture goes far beyond minding your manners. Correct posture provides incredible benefits to overall health and functionality. Dr. Gindele helps patients maintain proper alignment, enabling them to achieve their bodies’ greatest potential and optimal health.

Does posture really matter?

When blood flow is restricted, tension begins to build, causing headaches, muscle tightness, and fatigue. Sitting, standing, and even lying down in correct alignment gives space for your muscles, joints, and organs to function properly, reducing pain and allowing sufficient blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.

People generally don’t realize the amount of stress and tension they carry throughout the day. Check the position of your neck and shoulders right now. Are they hunched up and locked? Is your jaw clenched? Bodies process stress before people are consciously aware of it. Breathing becomes more shallow, muscles tighten, and the body restricts fluid movement.

Try this relaxing exercise:

Stand up. Stretch out your arms above your head, then let them hang loosely at your sides. Roll your shoulders up, back and down. Take note of specific areas in your body that feel tight. Contract and release your stomach muscles, and take a few deep breaths in and out. Release the tension stored up in your neck and shoulders. As you focus on each muscle group from head to toe, tightening and releasing the muscles while breathing deeply, your body begins to relax. 

Check out these tips for good posture while sitting.

These simple moves to improve your posture will greatly impact your overall health, increasing energy and reducing pain and inflammation.

Try these posture exercises, and simply learn to pay attention to how you carry your body. Over time your body will adapt to these practices as part of the normal routine, and you’ll feel the difference. With good posture and consistent chiropractic care, you’ll sleep better, experience reduced pain, and enjoy increased energy and focus. 

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