As temperatures rise, we still need to keep moving to keep fit and maintain our health. The most important thing to remember during the summer months is to stay hydrated. Your body is made up of approximately 80% water. Dehydration can sometimes be the cause of abnormal body functions, such as; muscle cramping, over eating and joint aches and pains.
Some tips to maintain your active lifestyle:

  • Avoid exercising outdoors during the extreme heat of the day
  • Use a fitness ball to build a strong core
  • Make yourself accountable for your actions and diet
  • Drink water often. All day. Carry a water bottle with you
  • Exercise even if you aren’t at a gym (squats, push-ups)
  • Exercise your brain. Positive thoughts will help with overall health
  • Stretch
  • Exercise and eat right with your friends and family
  • Make sure you are keeping it fun!

If you ever need recommendations or have questions we are always here to help you reach your overall health goals and achieve a higher quality of life.