Living a healthy lifestyle today is very difficult, but there is hope when we understand exactly what it takes to make small changes that will have the maximum return on our investment. You see, health is constant; the only change is in the decisions we make each day for ourselves and for our family. Total health comes in a variety of ways, Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defines health as “a state of optimal mental, physical and social well being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmities.” Health is constant because we are designed to be healthy. This makes sense.

To achieve health, or better said to maintain health, we need just a few things:

  1. Proper Exercise
  2. Proper Nutrition
  3. Proper Rest
  4. Positive Mental Attitude
  5. Proper Nerve Supply

Proper exercise requires 20-30 minutes a day to keep the musculoskeletal system moving. Movement is normal for human, being sedentary is not. If we get moving then we start moving back towards health. It’s that simple. Next, nutrition, this is another simple step, summarized by an easy to understand statement, 

You Are What You Eat.

Smart choices bring you closer to health. You can answer this question yourself, is a fresh fruit or vegetable better for you than a hamburger, fries and a coke? Getting enough rest is a key element to recovery, not specifically from an injury, but from a total body standpoint. All day we work, work, work and are on the go; we never take a moment to stop unless it’s to eat, if we’re lucky.

Being able to rest properly, and unwind to take time for ourselves is extremely important to making that stride back toward health. Positive mental attitude is key because our thoughts eventually become our reality. It doesn’t matter what it is, our relationships with our significant others, our outlook on our own personal life, or our working environment. It all matters to our health.

Last but not least, a properly functioning nervous system is crucial to health. Get this: our central nervous system is the master control for our entire body. Garbage in is garbage out. If we don’t exercise, don’t eat right, don’t rest, and don’t think positively, we are feeding our body junk, and junk is what we get. Aches, pains, sleeplessness, diabetes, cancer, and a laundry list of other dysfunctional processes in the body start to occur. Ultimately not allowing the body to do what it is intended to do, THRIVE!

There is no time better than now, to make small changes to get a huge return on your investment….Your Health!