SWFL Chiropractic Medicine and Workstation Ergonomics

Even living in gorgeous Southwest Florida, people are spending more time sitting at desks and working on computers. This unfortunately brings on health problems like back pain, neck pain, and headaches. The combination of chiropractic medicine and proper workstation ergonomics can be beneficial to prevent these issues and improve your overall well-being and productivity.

Southwest Florida Chiropractic Medicine

What is chiropractic medicine? Chiropractic medicine is basically what we do – addressing musculoskeletal disorders, mainly related to the spine. We firmly believe that your body can heal itself. As chiropractors, we’re here to correct misalignments using techniques like spinal manipulation. These types of treatments are safe and effective for conditions that come from sitting at your desk all day – such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, and sports injuries. 

Workstation Ergonomics

The field of workstation ergonomics focuses on devising and organizing a workspace to minimize the likelihood of injury. An adequately designed workstation promotes correct posture and mitigates the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Ergonomics and chiropractic medicine go hand in hand.

Several elements, such as desk height, chair placement, and equipment type, need consideration when creating your workstation. Moreover, it’s crucial to ensure ample lighting and sufficient space to move around comfortably.

Tips for Avoiding Workstation Strain & Injury 

Who would think that sitting at a desk could cause injury? The truth is that this type of injury is a sneaky one – it happens over a long period of time from hunching over our computers, typing for hours every day, and cradling the phone. But, there are very simple things you can do to help avoid injury!

  • Position your computer screen at eye level and an arm’s length away 
  • Adjust your chair height so that your knees are level with your hips 
  • Set your desk at a height that keeps your wrists straight and at or below your elbow height 
  • Position key items (phone, stapler, mouse) close to avoid reaching 
  • If you use your phone a lot, use the speaker function or a headset 

We also recommend getting up and walking around several times during the day. Bonus points if you can work in a few desk stretches and drink a glass of water! 

The Benefits of Chiropractic Medicine and Workstation Ergonomics

Chiropractic medicine and proper workstation ergonomics offer several advantages, such as:

  • reducing pain 
  • improving range of motion
  • increasing productivity
  • enhancing mental clarity 
  • reducing stress
  • improving sleep 
  • and boosting energy levels

Trust Us to Help With Your Chiropractic Needs

If you experience any pain or discomfort or want to enhance your overall health, we’re here to help you discover how these approaches can help you lead a healthier, more comfortable life. If you are dealing with pain or discomfort or want to enhance your overall health, chiropractic medicine and workstation ergonomics suit you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!