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Introducing, SUGAR!  The Sweetest Neurotoxin

With Halloween quickly approaching, it is impossible to walk the aisle of your local grocery store without temptation of this vicious neurotoxin.

So what exactly is a Neurotoxin?

According to thebestbrainpossible.com , a neurotoxin is a substance that interferes with the electrical activity of nerves preventing them from functioning optimally. Neurotoxins interact with nerve cells by either overstimulating them to death or interrupting their communication process.

How does sugar become such a neurotoxin?

Well it’s simple for the sheer fact that we as a society over-consume it. Fructose is the NUMBER ONE source of calories in the US. It needs to be realized that when we talk about fructose and sugar, ALL sugars are included in this. Those sugars are coming from obvious sugars, like candy bars and sodas that we have in our daily diet to the less obvious like fruits and carbohydrates. Fructose is so cheap and it is used in virtually all processed foods, and most commonly in the form of high fructose corn syrup.
Sugar is quickly becoming the lead cause of not just obesity, but also many other chronic and lethal diseases. To put the US sugar consumption into further perspective, the average person consumes 1/3 pound of sugar every day in their diet, over the course of their lifetime that’s two tons of sugar…Half of that is fructose, which will trigger biochemical havoc on the body.
Per Mercola.com, Fructose elevates uric acid, which decreases nitric oxide, raises angiotensin, and causes your smooth muscle cells to contract, thereby raising your blood pressure and potentially damaging your kidneys. Increased uric acid also leads to chronic, low-level inflammation, which has far-reaching consequences for your health.

What we recommend?

Keep your intake of ALL sugars, including fruits to less than 25 grams a day, in addition to a balanced diet and exercise. Don’t make the mistake of switching to artificial sweeteners, as they can harm your health even more quickly. We recommend trying stevia instead, It has a bitter aftertaste, but has ZERO grams of fructose.

In order to help with blood sugar handling, Gymnema is a great herbal supplement by MediHerb that naturally suppresses the taste of sugar. Gymnema helps support healthy pancreatic function and the normal production of insulin in the body, thus regulating blood sugar levels and helping support weight management and balancing energy levels.

Sweet taste test:
Place one Gymnema tablet on the tongue for 60-90 seconds, swallow it, wait a minute and then try something sweet. NO Sweet taste!

Understanding that sugar is all but impossible to completely illuminate from your diet, it can be regulated and controlled with the right intention and self- control. This Halloween, less is best. We recommend letting the kids choose their handful of favorites and trashing the rest in exchange for a craft/toy or special outing.

Discover the fructose content of common foods, beverages, sauces, and even sugar substitutes in our infographic “Fructose Overload.”

MediHerb Gymnema Pamphlet


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