Prehab and Rehab Chiropractic Care

If you’re training for an athletic event,prehab and rehab chiropractic treatment can play a vital role in your physical performance and long-term healing.

A lot of people automatically think chiropractors mostly see auto accident patients. But the reality is that we can help patients in all seasons of life. We help the healthy ones continue functioning at their peak performance, and we help the injured ones recover and alleviate their pain.

We can also help people both before and after events that put major stress on their body — think competing in a triathlon. If you know these events are coming up, conditioning your body beforehand through exercise and chiropractic adjustments can help your performance and recovery. Afterwards, recovery and healing are supported through physical therapy and different forms of exercise and adjustments.

Our Prehab and Rehab Chiropractic Services Include:

Kinesio Taping using RockTape

FHSAA sports physicals

Virtual consultations available by appointment

Recovery (post sporting events)

Prehab: pre-sport, preparation, multi-planar movement

Functional training methods

Breathing techniques

Neurological conditioning and training

Athletic specific supplementation

Gindele Family Chiropractic specializes in supporting athletes on their journey to achieving optimal health and wellness. Schedule your appointment today!

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