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Take your new year dieting ONE STEP at a time

Whether you are deciding to start eating more vegetables, cut out fast foods or go gluten free, you do not want to start anything or stop anything cold turkey. In order to ensure your success throughout the year, you want to set up a system that you will be compliant with and not get discouraged before it’s February.

We can easily get bored with resolutions, just like with other things you may have tried in the past. You get pumped up to start a work out plan, yet you find that after a few weeks you are burned out and just drop it completely. Maybe you want to cut out soda, so you just stop for a few months. One party and boom, right back in soda heaven. Seem like you?

If so, I have some great tips for you that will help you to succeed. Start slowly. Meaning, if you want to say, start eating more organic foods. GREAT! I think that is an excellent choice for you and your family. Start by choosing one item to go organic with, like your milk or your  eggs. So In the month of January, you integrate organic milk into your household. This will give you and your family the ability to get used to it and make necessary changes or tweaks (i.e. brands, flavors, etc.). This also is a great way to ease any changes into your budget if your particular change would effect your bottom line.

Once you’ve integrated your first change in January, add an additional new item in February. Therefore, by the end of 2012, you will have introduce 12 new organic items into your LIFESTYLE, vs. your diet. See the change? You will be much more likely to keep this up and be more excited about the changes, if you and your family even notice!

If your resolution is to exercise more, then you can take this idea and “run” with it! Ha, get it? Okay, putting my pathetic joke aside, consider your current athletic level. Do you exercise at all? Do you play golf, but no other form or exercise? How much do you want to add to your regimen.  If you are a pretty sedentary individual but want to START exercising, you’ll need to choose one exercise, i.e. a 10 minute daily walk. Do this for a month. Once you have integrated this new exercise as part of your daily life, it will then become part of your lifestyle.

Changing your lifestyle is what your goal of a successful resolution should be. Afterall, you are trying to improve the quality of your life. By going slow, taking your changes one step at a time, you are allowing yourself to change your lifestyle and therefore improve your overall quality of life. Best of luck!

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